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Test Tools

TEST Guidelines

The TEST guidelines combine the theoretical description of each step of the methodology with a rich set of examples and case studies on how to apply the different tools for identifying and implementing resource efficient solutions in various production sectors and conditions. Download document here

MFCA Guidelines

The MFCA guidelines describe how to design a proper information system to systematically track costs related to inefficient use of materials, water and energy flows. The MFCA approach builds on the existing cost accounting system in a company for an easy and cost effective implementation. Download document here


Initial Screening template

An outline to guide the initial process of evaluating the potential to implement TEST in a business. Download document here

Life Cycle Perspective checklist

A checklist for a qualitative assessment of the improvement of a product’s environmental footprint throughout its life cycle. Download document here

Stakeholder Analysis checklist

A checklist to identify stakeholders that are important for the business’s operations and identify related business risks and opportunities for priority setting. Download document here

Policy checklist

Guiding questions for drafting an RECP policy statement or upgrading an existing policy document to introduce resource efficiency as a core business strategy. Download document here

TEST training and awareness raising plan

Outlines for designing and delivering basic TEST training for company staff. Download document here

MFCA excel tool

A set of spreadsheets to record production inputs and outputs in physical and monetary terms and to quantify non-product-output costs (NPOs) and other environmental costs. Download document here

Energy Mapping excel tool

A tool to record and analyze energy use for different energy carriers at the company level, at the level of individual processes, and/or of specific equipment. It includes regression analysis of energy consumption in relation to driving factors and CO2 emissions calculation. Download document here

Energy Mapping excel tool (filled in example)

Download document here

Fishbone diagram

A tool for visualizing and identifying root causes of a specific problem. In the TEST methodology its used to analyze problems related to losses of material, water or energy. Download document here

Energy Audit checklist

A checklist to assist practitioners in reviewing energy use in a business to identify priority areas that should be selected for “energy efficiency” programmes. Download document here

Sustainable Design for new equipment checklist

A checklist defining the requirements for procuring, installing and maintaining energy efficient equipment to optimize investment. Download document here

Template for feasibility analysis

A template for reporting the results and key data of the feasibility analysis for individual improvement options. It summarizes technical, environmental and economic aspects of a resource efficiency solution. Download document here

Action Plan

A table to guide the development of an action plan for implementing the selected improvement measures. Download document here

Monitoring Plan

A tool to develop an effective plan to monitor any change in the resource efficiency performance due to the implemented measures, comparing expected versus actual benefits. Download document here


A database of resource efficiency and environmental benchmarks for the food and beverage sectors. Access the database here

Monitoring and Targeting tool_UNEP

A tool developed by UN Environment for mapping and regression analysis of energy/water use at the company level. Download document here

Calculators for financial metrics and cash flow analysis related to an investment. (registration required) Access the document here