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Step 1.1 – initial screening

Is there a potential for resource efficiency in the company?


A preliminary screening is needed before beginning a TEST project in a company and determines if the introduction of resource efficiency and integrated environmental management techniques will pay back (the business case) and if the company is ready to engage. The findings of the Initial Screening highlight the potential for improving resource and energy use, which can be used to persuade top management to adopt an environmental policy (step 1.2). Since the Initial Screening can be used by service providers as a “marketing” tool to acquire new clients, it can be offered free of charge.

Workflow of an Initial Screening


  • Publicly available company information
  • Company data on products, production processes, major inputs, pollution problems and systems
  • Industry sector benchmarks
  • Introductory desk survey Management interview
  • Walk through the production facility
  • Fill in the Initial Screening template
  • Meeting with top managemen
  • Top management priorities
  • Key process inefficiencies and immediate areas of high potential for resource efficiency
  • Top management commitment
  • Go/no-go decision for starting TEST
  • Service agreement signed


  • A company’s readiness to engage in a TEST project is often demonstrated by its willingness to share data on processes already at the stage of an Initial Screening.
  • If a company’s involvement in the TEST project is partly or fully subsidized by a national/ international program, exploring the creditworthiness of the company will increase the chances of engaging with companies that are able to effectively implement and invest in environmentally sound technology.
  • Information on existing grants and funding programmes for resource efficiency investments and environmental compliance are leverage points for top management commitment and can be presented during the Initial Screening.
  • Convincing a company to start a TEST project, whether as a subsidized or fully commercial application, relies on the consultant’s ability, at this early stage, to pitch the business case of resource efficiency to top management, showing the added value to the company with an indication of potential economic benefits and practical examples of improvement options, in line with the initial expectations of the company.