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Production stops in a metal packaging manufacturing facility are due to interuptions in the supply of pallets from the store to the production site. Reviewing the procedures for transfer of material, having the raw material supply within the priority of forklift drivers, and assuring strategic stock of raw material within the production hall eliminates those interuptions, providing production gains.

Investigations on the overconsumption of Phosphate in a wire drawing company indicated that the absence of filter press at the Phosphatation bath was the main cause of the loss. Installing such a filter reduced the sludge in the bath, and consequently saved on water and Phosphate.

The stripping operation in a cold wire drawing company relies on dipping the strips in hot Sulphuric acid solution to remove the iron oxides. The removed iron oxides contaminate the acid, and thus it needs to be replaced frequently to maintain the acidity level. Installation of an ion retarder within the stripping bath assures continous removal of the iron oxides, maintaining un-interrupted process, and saves on acid conusmption.

The causes of varnish loss in the company were identified to be related to the type of agitator used to stirr the varnish, which resulted in varnish leftovers in the drums, and low homogenity of the varnish. Changing the agitator type, and adopting goodhouse keeping measures reduced the varnish and solvent losses, and improved the printing quality.