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Analysis of the light fixtures used within the production hall revealed that the light intensity is not sufficient, and the light fixtures are of old technology, with high energy consumption. Replacement of the light fixtures with modern technology, reduce the energy cost, increase the light intensity, and increase the lifetime of the lamps.

Mapping of compressed air users revealed that to assemble machines, that are far away from the compressor room demand high compressed air flow. Installing a dedicated air tank for each machine, reduce the sudden pressure drop within the network, and allow for reducing the compressors set point, saving on electricity consumption.

Due to lack of measurement of water consumption within a tannery, the company has uncontrolled water use, and consequently excessive consumption. Installing a monitoring system for water consumption on company level, and at the level of main water consumers, in addition to setting internal KPIs/OPIs for water consumption increase the level of awareness for the optimum consumption, and result in continous reduction of its use.