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The existing airconditioning unit is not capable to keep needed temperature and humidity in the packaging room leading to high amount of rejected chocolate products and should be replaced by a central Air Handling Unit to achieve the desirable parameters.

Benchmarking the coating time of two chocolate coating machines in a company against each other highlighted that the time of one machine can be reduced by 37%, allowing higher productivity and less specific energy consumption. This can be achieved through only adjusting the opearting parameters of that machine.

The ingredients preparation process in a confectionary had excessive handling, being transferred between different pots up to four times. This overhandling resulted in remarkable loss of material. Reviewing the design of the preparation process allowed the elimination of one of the four stages, and water reuse accross different stages.

Sugar handling is done manually, by operators and forklifts to transfer sugar bags from the storage to the production hall. Installing a storage silo, with pneumatic transfer shall reduce the spillage of sugar from handling operations.

This practice illustrates a complete upgrade for steam and electricity generation systems within a company, based on energy efficient design concepts. Through this upgrade, smaller electricity generators are to replace the existing ones. In turn their waste heat can be utilized in generating a portion of steam demand, which allows to replace the old low efficient boiler with smaller ones.

This practice tackles the issues that reduces the performance of cold stores. In this company having three cold stores, issues were related to insultation of coils, location of outdoor units, and proper maintenance of the system.

Originally, this company had to dispose generated spent ground through selling it as animal feed at very low price. Investigations revealed that the spent ground has high calorific value, thus can be utilized as an alternative source of energy through a biomass boiler.

For jam production, product BRIX indicates complete cooking of the product. In a jam manufacturing facility, BRIX is measured manually by operator, who moves from one cooking bowl to another. This manual operation results in overcooking of products, and consequently excessive energy consumption. Automating the measurement of BRIX in real time shall support reduce the energy, and allow for better utilization of the installed cooking capacity.

The energy assessment for this vegetable processing company revealed that there is a need to replace the well pump by a more efficient type in order to reduce the operating hours and accordingly the electricity consumption. Based on energy efficient design, the old pump was replaced by a new smaller higher efficency booster pump, enhanced with pressurized vessel that needs less power to provide the same job.

In this study, switching from electric resistance heaters to steam heating for olive browning process was achieved after understanding the process requirements, and conducting an energy mapping to identify available heat sources. This switch although it didnt reduce the energy consumption within the company, provided a financial benefit as the cost of steam is less than the cost of electricity.