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Checking the steam network at a carbonated beverage production facility revealed that the steam condensate is not recovered, leading to loss of water and energy. Installing a condensate recovery network is a feasible alternative to conserve natural resources.

A carbonated drinks facility used diesel fuel to operate its boiler despite it was connected to the natural gas grid. Replacing the boiler’s burner with one that can fire natural gas, and increasing the contracted capacity for natural gas was found as a feasible measure to maintain economic benefits and reduce the pollution load.

A milk and beverage company suffered from repeated power outages, thus relied on diesel generators to maintain production availability. The triggers for the generators were not optimized to recharge after short power outages, leading to occasional cuts, forcing CIP to start. Adjusting the triggers of the generators shall eliminate untimely shutdown of equipment.

Floor washing in a dairy was practiced through open end hoses, which operators occassionally leave running instead of closing the taps. Suggested measures include utilization of pressureized cleaners as well as equipping the hoses with spray guns to provide high pressure water suitable for cleaning and to control the water flow.

Water mapping in a textile company revealed several opportunities to conserve on water and thermal energy through process optimisation and energy efficient design.

Measurements of surface temperature within the steam network revealed lack of maintenance for the network, particularly in the pipes insulation. This resulted in overconsumption of fuel in the boiler. Fixing the insulation shall increase the boiler efficeincy, and reduce the energy consumption.

Due to its obselete design, the boiler de-aerator of a beverage company was not functioning properly leading to over consumption of energy in the boiler, and increase corrosion within the steam network. Changing the de-aerator with an updated design shall allow complete removal of air and incondesible gases from the condensate, saving on energy consumption

An automotive cables manufacturing company had four large motors that are close to the end of their service life, and are direct current motors. Replacing those motors with asynchronous AC motors increases the motor efficiency, and reduces its running cost. This action also saves on electricity consumption of the company.